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A Community of Managers Sharing Ideas

With AGORA, you are no longer alone.

Join a community of managers from around the world who share the same goal: build greater workplaces. Discover the best ways to improve your work environment for you and your team members!

AGORA teams up with Officevibe, the tool that measures employee engagement across your entire organization, and offers initiatives that target issues on specific employee engagement metrics.

Take a look at what other passionate managers have done to improve employee engagement. Learn from their experiences, exchange directly with them to learn more.

Community of Managers Sharing, Learning, and Building Greater Workplaces
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Really great way to help tap into the collective knowledge and scores you have built in Officevibe

Devon Wright, CEO
Turnstyle Solutions

The Crazy Story Behind AGORA

The Crazy Story Behind AGORA

A  team of 6 passionate GSOFT employees left Montreal to cross the Atlantic Ocean for a unique 10-day challenge.

The goal? Create the ultimate community of managers sharing ideas for a better workplace.

The team travelled 6,217 km, rented an apartment in Old Prague and immersed themselves for 10 days of intense creation.

From day 1, they reached out to the Officevibe community to gather awesome initiatives from around the world. Thanks to the amazing managers who answered, 50+ initiatives were collected right from the start. They had all they needed to build AGORA!

10 days later, their community comes alive. Whether you’re looking to make your employees happier or increase their productivity, you’ll find awesome ideas to inspire you all in one place.

Welcome to AGORA! Want to get in touch? Reach us at

Frequently Asked Questions

All You Need To Know

How can I join?

It’s easy! Create a free account and start building a better workplace. If you’re an Officevibe customer, please use the email linked to your Officevibe account.

What can I do once I'm subscribed?

In a few words, you can start getting inspired. Browse all initiatives or filter out by specific metrics. See what other managers have tried, leave a comment or ask a question to the author. You can also save your favourite initiatives and build yourself a portfolio of ideas to try in your organization.

How can I submit a new initiative?

Once you’re in, simply click the “Share an initiative” button in the top bar, type in your basic info and we’ll take care of the rest!

What do Officevibe customers benefit from?

Officevibe allows managers to take action based on data measured in real-time. This way, managers using Officevibe know which precise employee engagement metric to work on in order to build a better workplace. Plus, it’s always good to back your plans with facts and data 😉

Can I post anonymous comments?

No. It would go against the better interest of the community as identified comments encourage on-topic discussions and healthy debates. Remember, we are here to help each other out and achieve the same goal: to build greater workplaces.

I just submitted a new initiative, when will I see it?

Once you submit a new initiative, it’s reviewed by the AGORA team. If the concept is new and not related to an already existing initiative, we’ll gladly add it to the community with your name next to it!

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